Saturday, November 3, 2012


First words to come into my head as I hung up the phone were, "diabolical pleasure!" The phone call was a short poll; I thought that they had said of three questions. Yet the call abruptly ended after I answered the first question which was a rather long paraphrase of words from Billy Graham, asking if I supported Billy's desire to keep America's family oriented marriage between a man and a woman, etc. I gleefully hit #2 for NO. 
Early morning duties so that Alma and I could attend the Democratic rally at the Government Center. Then to phone bank for a couple of hours and to pick up yard signs and sample ballots. Dear Terry Ellen filled in my last slot on my schedule of poll greeters for election day (well, except that I have a rather loose line up for Pilot). Many folk are up in Roanoke to hear Former President Bill Clinton tonight, almost went. Monday, I think, we are due to have VP Biden in Blacksburg - no one knows the location. 

Pearl meets cousin Sofia! Maybe by next year I can see my two grand daughters together here - Pearl can introduce Fia to the river.


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