Saturday, November 10, 2012

oh, joy, O

I don't know that I really care to know the psychology of being brought to tears of pure joy, for it is just too wonderful and rare a happening that I am happy to savor the occasion and leave it alone. I remember being delighted, even clapping, dancing and screaming at the television when Bill Clinton was elected ("Let's Keep Thinking about Tomorrow"), but it was not the same deep joy I felt when Obama won. Chills and awe.
Election Day here in Southwest Virginia was cold; I know it could have been worse; no snow, no rain. But standing outside handing out sample ballots and making chit chat with the Repubican standing across from me for two hours was only redeemed by discovering Virginia BLUE late that evening. The 6-8 AM shift was the hardest and longest. By 6 PM, I was at the library with a mind numbed by the sight of voters of every size, shape and height. Privy to a vignette: two young Mexican Americans taking pictures of each other in front of an Obama/Biden sign - I figure it was their first time voting! I drove home after collecting yard signs with Bruce Springsteen, "We take care of our own" playing over and over.
Long hot Epsom salt bath before dinner. I fell asleep by 10 PM waking with a jolt at 2 AM and reached for my Nook to check the news. Oh, Joy, we won! And Tim Kaine won.

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