Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Whole Lot of Rain

It is too dark for a photograph, but certainly there will be evidence to picture tomorrow, that is, if I haven't floated away. Much rain on saturated ground, ground this morning that I slipped on climbing up thru the pines to the Blue House. The road is a creek which has swamped the front yard, I hate to imagine the ruts...tomorrow. The creek is as wide as the draw to the river, the spring house looks like it could float away. It is difficult to distinguish the sound of the rain from that of the creek, should I say, creeks which sound like a river. Lord the river must be high. Baldwin's chairs may not survive this storm. Fortunately, the wind has so far not been damaging; although I haven't been up the road or up to the Blue House. Tomorrow.

The dermatologist office called. Not a good sign. If they don't call 7 to 10 days after a biopsy, it means the biopsy was OK. Seems this last biopsy on the 24th revealed a superficial basal cell skin cancer. Phew, at least not another melanoma! But I have to go into the office a let them scrape some more skin on my left shoulder; the spot still sore from the biopsy. Perhaps I should take to living in a cave or move to Ireland. 

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