Monday, January 28, 2013

Murder Most Fowl

The ice scheduled for this morning was light to non existent; nevertheless, I wore my yaktracs up to feed the ducks some scraps and to open up the green house. I threw the scraps over the fence and went into the garden to pick a few spinach leaves. Then into the duck yard to pick up any egg they might have lain on the waddle; two this morning and unfrozen. Something seemed amiss as I watched the ducks delight in the scraps. Five. I counted over and over and said outloud, "where is number 6?". I searched for body or any evidence of struggle. No sign of lost khaki feather or of guts. There was no place in the fence that I could find where a body of duck could have been pulled. It wasn't until I hiked down through the pines that "owl" came to mind. Of course, the most likely murderer. 
Now I am wondering if there isn't some menacing structure I might add to the duck yard that might frighten off owl who I would assume will come again for an easy dinner. A scare-owl?

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