Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surveying the road

Mojo really says it all - "Oh, my gosh, so this is what happened last night! no wonder I couldn't sleep well!" I got up at 4:30, glad to be alive - which I guess I would have been able to surmise if I had been rudely awaken by house being washed away. I had to wait until 6 for enough  light to get a good look at the road and to take pictures. Fortunately the worse damage is  near the house, below where the road to Blue House begins. I will check that road later - it does look like it washed in places  though I doubt as deep as down here. The temperature is already at freezing, road work will be hard. But I need to do some work for Mr T to get out. At this point I don't think even his 4 wheel drive can straddle the gulleys; and I'm not going to try! 
snow flurries too!

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