Monday, January 14, 2013

will you miss me?

I keep wanting to begin: How will I miss you, let me count the ways! This question is from my grand-daughter who left swinging her yellow flip flops on a plane for the DR with her parents today - for almost 7 weeks (47 days). So to get in the mood yesterday evening, I dismantled the Christmas tree; I figure that if I'm going to feel sad, I might as well do something sad. The pathetic scrub pine dry, going a dull green, bare of decoration delighted me: this is how I feel missing you! I will try to find images during this time of "missing" that represent my state. Mojo, their sweet hound dog who is staying with me while they are gone, and I can commiserate. 
here's a before picture of the tree:
 Of course, when I do draw in a breath and look wistfully at a bucket of balls or the dollhouse in the living room, I turn my inner eye to a bright beach with a cartwheeling 4 year old and I smile! I am happy if you are happy dear one.

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