Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After snow forced camp out!

Snow, wet heavy snow, 8 to 9 inches, fell all Thursday afternoon and into the night weighing down trees (whose roots were loosened in the rains) and taking several trees down along with scores of limbs. At 6:50 PM my power went out after blinking on and off several times. I had prepared to the extent that I had laid a fire in the wood stove and stacked extra wood. But the camp out due to power outage causes a leap backwards into low tech that is not without plan. Fortunately, time moves by duties keeping the mind occupied with tedious questions (when to empty the freezer, whether the green house will maintain the solar heat all night, will the ducks manage...). I quickly gave up concern about chickens and ducks as beyond my capabilities. The ducks seemed to enjoy the snow; the chickens hate it and don't venture out of their house. The ducks even laid eggs inside their hen house and I did not have to locate white eggs in the snow. 
The road was a disaster that I wish I had photographed! Nine trees or tree size limbs across it; numerous branches which I could pull off. Mercifully, Robin cleared the road and scraped the snow in one sunny afternoon. The days of sun after the snow rescued the green houses from death.
By Monday, listening to the inauguration by my wind up radio, I was fretting the prospect of no power and a new frigid cold front. Around 4 PM a Georgia Power Company man knocked on my door causing great rounds of barking; he was asking if my son's road would get him close to the line going to Baade's land. The line was down there. Ah! Maybe just maybe, power tonight! By
5:20 PM the lights were on. I reverently approached the power box and turned on the water pump and prayed. The water had good pressure! Oh, delight, the pump kept its prime. Electricity and water and heat pump! 

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