Friday, January 4, 2013

Just Being and Now thinking of Comets

I feel like my life has gone into lagnappe time; I never imagined being alive in 2013. I mean like 1984 was the future to a child of the 60's. So here I am enjoying just what comes and I hear on Science Friday that we're due for a visit from a comet (named ISON) Nov. 28th of this year! Wow, that's an event to look forward to, if I didn't have enough with grand daughters and Loose Threads and the general getting along. Like trying to keep warm, which is a daily project I am finding - not that I heat by wood anymore. Just trying to be warm outside when I seem to get chilled so easily. Wearing leg warmers this winter - which are easier to negotiate than extra pants every time I go out to open/close chickens, walk, fill bird feeder, etc. Just becoming an old cold crone wanting to hibernate the winter away.


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