Sunday, September 19, 2010

ginger snaps and fall

Something in the air has made me long for ginger snaps and in preparation I left out enough butter to soften during the afternoon. This is my Joy of Cooking recipe halved with powdered sugar and lemon glaze.
Pigeon flew off yesterday as I went on the porch to hang my bathing suit (YES, swimming again and head first dive in!). But pigeon was back as I went to bed.
We have another mystery besides from where did the pigeon come; pears on the drive. For awhile I had the notion that deer somehow dropped them there! As Baldwin pointed out, only raccoons could hold one and even they would have trouble going far with a pear in hand. So where is the pear tree; not within sight of the spot under the pines along the road. I walked up thru the pines this morning, but found no tree with pears.

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