Thursday, September 23, 2010

wild in us

Of my three cats, Katrina, is the wildest, found at a neighbor's house with kitten almost as big as she was. She is a good hunter, putting to shame my two old men lazy felines. She demands fresh running water and head tickles.
At the river today, Diane, Susan and Katy and I were extolling the benefits of wildness. Susan pointing out that globally we seem to be at a cross roads when civilization might move away from honoring and maintaining "wildness." (if it already hasn't, i fret) So we were thinking of starting a blog jointly with glorious wildness as a theme. Perhaps after closing the chickens (against too much wildness), I'll attempt to start a new blog!


  1. Sounds like a "Wild" idea!! I do find from experience ( I have two blogs) that it does take some managing. I feel like I am juggling them most of the time, when in fact they are both "Me!" Maybe just add some more WILD to this blog you have here. I am sure that won't be too hard to do..there is a lot of it to go around in that hollar of yours. xoxo

  2. i would/will do that; but was thinking of opening a blog with three contributors - tho on further thought i would likely be the most often contributor!