Monday, September 13, 2010

watching frogs

These cool mornings (48 today) have us inside until the sun warms up the deck or swings on the front porch - this might be 10 AM. I've closed all the windows in the house and only open doors in the warm afternoons - lucky to live without bugs you wouldn't care to invite inside. Digging potatoes and watering the sweet peppers hoping they still have time to produce before the first heavy frost - doesn't take much of a frost to kill peppers. I think I have all the ingredients to make Alma fantastic pickled hot peppers; if so, I'll harvest my jalapenos. Considering all the eaten out husks of potatoes I unearthed yesterday evening, I'm slightly worried about my sweet potatoes. I still have lovely swiss chard and some beans and arugula that is not being eaten this late crop. I may even have some broccoli if Jack Frost stays away.

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