Sunday, September 5, 2010

thinking of Rudy

I don't think my dad likes me; I'm just not his type of woman. He introduces me as on the political far left; he being a FOX news devotee - needless to say we don't talk politics much. He tells me I would look really good if I'd go to the beauty parlor. He is no more proud of me stopping smoking 15 years ago after my mother's death from lung cancer, than he was pleased when I stopped having a drink with him ("you think you're better than us?"). Now when I visit I do have a glass of wine with him at the " Rudy's lounge" (he insists we call it a lounge, not a bar!) he built on the golf course near his house. And i listen for the umpteenth time to war stories or sailing stories. I try to be the dutiful daughter, but I can't do lunch too in a day - I skip out to my good friend's house in Ocean Springs. This is a picture of what was left of my parent's house on the gulf in Ocean Springs after Katrina - my father had sold the house and this horse was a movie prop the new owners had. My friend's house was two houses away. Her house was moved from its foundation and had several feet of water in it - she and her husband had just sold it, but were still living there.
I do think alcohol plays some part in the relationship between me and my dad; guess I'm not his idea of a "fun" girl...and he sure doesn't like any woman in his peer group. I do love him for being brave and in love enough with my mother to marry her and her 6 year old twins. He told me after my sister's death that he never could tell us apart.


  1. Wow. We like how wordy you got in this post! :)

  2. I really have to give much credit to Hannah Pool; her book (MY FATHER'S DAUGHTER)dove deep into my consciousness. Thanks!