Friday, September 24, 2010

Pigeon Return

I'd not expected pigeon back, I had swept half of the porch clean and even dumped the few seeds left on the chair seat, but returning from the river around six yesterday with Diane, Susan and Katy, I saw a now familiar shape hunched asleep on the back of the wicker chair on my back porch! of course, I am elated; pigeon is just pigeon - no friendlier than before. The river was wildly delicious yesterday, water like a cool liquid velvet (Diane suggested silk, which sounds right , except I am allergic to silk). Susan and I sat on hot rock to warm while Diane swam her camera across the river to meet Katy for pictures. We may not have the alacrity of our youthful selves on the rocks, but we are able enough to be here with the wildness and recognize it for our blood, our food, our soul.

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