Wednesday, September 8, 2010

shelly beans and Hyoscyamus

For some reason, i've only grown tiny cabbages! The early heat this summer and the bugs wagged a war on broccoli and cabbage; yet, the blue lake stringless green beans have been bountiful. I
planted the corn too close,meager ears, tho delicious. . (having trouble with this post - why the
underline? - glad it is gone). Interesting homeopathic consult yesterday: recognizing the amazing remedy Hyoscyamus pattern, jealousy after the birth of a sibling, loss of inhibitions (shameless behavior), acting out (very extroverted) at home and at school. Can also be triggered by head injury. Have seen this remedy work quickly to restore a child to a balanced state - parents greatly relieved!
Clouds this morning and I am hoping for rain!

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