Sunday, December 4, 2011

busy time

Whatever element, planet or person marks me, I do not know, but I have been busy with new homeopathic clients of late. Most wonderful to hear that a horse in Charlottesville is doing well after a remedy; unfortunately the remedy was given after the owner took a terrible fall. The mare had a striking manner of posing for other horses in the field; she was "over sexed" and had been treated with hormones which did nothing to stop her aggressive behavior. A dose of Platina turned her around and her new owner now rides her in the hunt.
Have an appointment this evening and one tomorrow. Yesterday a smiling delightful infant who you would never guess had an ear ache; mr lee was in on the consult!
I now have four raised beds Baldwin assembled in the garden yesterday. I have been hauling pine needles from the woods and leaves, straw with goat pellets from old chicken house and a bale of peat moss for each. Will give me something to work on as long as the weather permits this December - and I can plant my tulip bulbs safely away from the moles!

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