Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Some things are meant to be, for they happen effortlessly. Sitting snug at one of the larger double tables in the back room of the Buffalo and More yesterday noon, I just felt like beaming. What a fine group of women and we do Qigong and we're eating bison and laughing. Happiness is easy, maybe it is doing Qigong that helps. It sure helps us move. Who knew at 66, I'd be most happy leading a group of other women in Qigong.
Of course, happiness explodes when grand-daughter comes bouncing curls into the house. Being grandmother comes easy too - and so much lighter than mothering. Not the hours, not the worry.
Then there is Mr. Lee, who bounded into the hollar December of last year; I certainly hadn't imagined my heart flying out in 12 pounds of corded white fluff.
Happiness just be in the bones!
Nothing to do but try to share it, donate it, spew it into the atmosphere. Know you lucky when you got it.

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