Sunday, December 11, 2011

evenings with grand daughter

I thought I was a fair conversationalist, but grand-daughter has me beat. "Why?" Because I exhaust my repertoire of responses by 8 PM and fall asleep before the wee head drops to the pillow. I am mentally weary. How boring life becomes living alone and undemanding. "Why?" Because chickens don't require imagination in the least and even Katrina and Mr. Lee are fairly easy to please. "Why?" Because it seems that humans distinguish themselves by wanting attention. "Why?" Because I think, humans seem insecure about their being in the world. "Why?" I don't know. "Why?" What do you think?

For a wonderful video on WHY, go to granddaughter's family blog:


  1. when I wrote my "why" piece I didn't know of your video! why definitely keeps me on my toes!