Wednesday, December 28, 2011

tufted titmouse

Not sure if the tiny bird hit the glass door to the deck or not, but it lay on the deck, looking dead until I picked the fluff of little weight up. It perked up after a bit of Arnica, but has not taken off and sits at the bottom of a bucket in pine nest. Such an icy wind out that I think I will let him/her spend the night inside - plan to hang the bucket from Bilbo's old hook so Katrina can't bother. So far Katrina has no idea that the bird is in the house. I'll have to figure out a top so titmouse doesn't end up on the floor in the night and meet up with roving cat.

4:30 titmouse perched on edge of bucket, then flew up to perch on candle holder when I went to ease the bucket outside. I was able to let him out on the edge of the candle holder. Now fluffed up, titmouse sits on a branch of the red bud.

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