Thursday, December 8, 2011

waking to no snow

Of course, I am disappointed that we in Riner have missed any sign of snow this morning. But the part of me that needs to drive to Qigong this morning is elated, hoping that Blacksburg also missed the fluff or possible ice because I've scheduled a guest for class. Friend Ann who studies with a different Qigong teacher in Blacksburg is coming to demonstrate some new techniques. Alma is bringing snickerdoodles!
Such rain for two days has swollen the creek which is now backed up all the way to my spring turning the water a muddy hue I dare not drink. Water from Blue house well has me covered and I will begin boiling my water when the color clears for several days. I am so accustomed to the life form in my water that it doesn't seem to disturb my health. I hadn't expected such rain and forgot to save water in preparation. The river was tumultuous yesterday, yet Baldwin's cairns have all survived. I carried Mr Lee across the creek twice and then he managed quite well the next two creek crossing on the way to the bottoms. He's a strong little dog!
Working on my folders for the blog - this will be an endless project for this winter which may bring snow at some point. And for half of January and all but leap day of February, I will have time on my hands with the Blue house on vacation.

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