Wednesday, December 14, 2011

planted tulips!

Up into the 60's today and I spread another bale of peat moss on each of my raised beds and then planted 12 tulip bulbs in each! I figure it will take the moles a long time to dig under the frames of the beds and for the voles to follow. I'm hoping for never; but I know that is like hoping for no morning glories in the new beds. Usually if I plant tulips, they are eaten before they bloom - even if I wait until January to plant the bulbs! I'm fortunate to get one or two flowers.
The raised beds look so fine, I look forward to early lettuce and greens, to not having to wait for tilling before planting, to onions and peas! I will take pictures tomorrow.
Early morning picture of the beds with Mah
oney and his chicks happy in the like spring December morning. Granddaughter went with me to Qigong this morning and spun around in the circle of us until I too was dizzy. After class we went to Krogers and scored a red helium balloon. We found apple cinnamon tea and pomegranates.
Mr Lee and I just returned from a walk about Red Bud with some lines:
Given the choice of road or grass, I'll stick with the deer path.
what a gift of a day with a surprise when we reached the saddle: stone stacks in the field by a small oasis of trees. Similar, I think, to seeing horses in a field; these stacks of stones fasten my eye to a repose. While horses lend a grace, they add potential motion; stone cairns make me pause and send me deep. Just want to sit with the day, with the sky, with the field. Mr. Lee sits too. He pants, I breathe.

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