Saturday, December 17, 2011

Horses Prove Homeopathy Works

This is my first horse client! I have never met him in person and I did not receive this photo until AFTER I treated him via telephone (he lives 100 miles away). Blue had an unfortunate habit of shying from the least prompt and trying to run off. It was a sudden alarm response, no warning to the rider. After considering the case, asking a few more questions, I suggested Belladonna. It worked wonderfully for Blue. Years later this same horse lover called about another horse. This case was a bit more complicated; but by the second phone consultation, I knew the remedy and mailed a dose. This mare was "hormonial" and posing ("squirting") for the male horses in the pasture. The remedy worked and this horse who was uncontrollable is now riding the hunt. Recently I helped with a third horse, a handsome large fellow who has won just about every prize possible in the ring. But is now retired and had developed ulcers and edema of all legs; it was a frightening issue and the vet had been unable to help. I considered an end of life remedy of incredible breath, and the horse is now doing very well with years ahead of him!
These horses were not cured by placebo. Homeopathy works. I am no horse person; I do not own a horse. When a twelve year old at summer camp, I took riding only to slide down the neck of the horse when the horse decide to chomp on grass by the side of the rink. I did not see nor touch any of these horses. I have never met their owners! It is very satisfying to see how powerful homeopathy is.

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