Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fly Away

I've packed. After much deliberation, I am leaving computer and memorizing passwords; question remains: pat down or radiation (full body scan)? Last night I asked Mindy and Baldwin who both answered immediately: Baldwin, "scan;" Mindy,"pat down." I laughed - wasn't the responses I would have imagined. A split decision, I'm just going to be inspired. I should ask Ez who has done more traveling than anyone I know.
Looking forward to some warmer weather and to seeing my friend. Hope to maintain my cool and to not get fusticated by my Dad. ha. Wondering if the air still smells of petrochemicals. Wondering if there is any sea food to eat - and what about my favorite sushi places? Planning on doing qigong with Sharon so I won't miss all of my routine. Walking thru suburban mcpalaces on the bayou instead of circling Red Bud. Into New Orleans to meet Sharon's new grand-daughter, Emory; play with Aiden, try not to miss Pearl!

1 comment:

  1. Have a great trip, Mary! Kiss that ocean air for me! What an Autumn you have had with passing cats and lurking bears. Sushi and Sea sound like a perfect respite from it all.