Saturday, November 13, 2010

a taste of what i learned today

I think this is the fourth of Robin Murphy ND seminars that I have attended, maybe 5th; this evening I am energized by the moringa leaf tea and cacao raw fudge and wanting to share some of the amazing information. There is always fascinating information from the seminars: last time and this time he talked about activated charcoal, specifically bamboo variety. This in powder form is a great detox, 1/2 teas. in water - but it is has a score of other uses. Poisoning being perhaps the top of the list. A poultice can be made - its pretty messy and stains - but a poultice can suck the poison out of a wound (even snake bite). It can also be used as a mask to clean the skin...and Robin swears by a tooth powder of charcoal powder and baking soda! I came home and mixed some in can cat food for my cats one of whom needs a miracle! More tomorrow!

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