Saturday, November 6, 2010

my problem with elephants

Many years ago (well when Ezra was applying to college - 1990) I went to a psychic. Besides declaring almost immediately that my son would go to Texas (Ezra then applied to UT Austin!); he said, "You are very spiritual person, tho not religious." He then proceeded to tell me why: In a previous incarnation you were a member of a religious sect in India which the government banned. All members of the sect were brought to a clearing where there was a large stone. One at a time people were led to the stone, told to put their head on top - at which time an elephant stomped on the head! Ah, I thought that seems possible as I have never been a church goer. I tend to think that most organized religion causes brain damage, but i hadn't thought, squash. Nevertheless, this may partially explain my donkey persuasion.

On another note I have exiled poor pathetic Griffin to the green house after his use of my rug for toilet. This for the second time in few days, causing me to scrub a rug in the cold sleet that suddenly fell from a grey cloud. I have little patience for him as he is able to negotiate the cat door out of the green house - but fails to go to the door from the house. He's old. I feel awful looking at his scrawny pale orange body very very slowly making his way back to the green house when I won't let him back into the house. The green house is warmer, he has a snug fur cat bed in there. I hate that he can make me so angry. At least he has stopped his loud moaning meow.

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