Monday, November 8, 2010

There are many things to like about Jonathan Franzen's FREEDOM, but I had to stop the other night to write down a sentence on page 444 which thrilled me: "He became another data point in the American experiment of self-government, an experiment statistically skewed from the outset, because it wasn't the people with sociable genes who fled the crowded Old World for the new continent; it was the people who didn't get along well with others."
All day I took time to search for the second PO Box key which I put in a safe place 12 years ago; it was a second look in the tea caddy on my dresser that proved successful. grrrrr. A second incident of Griffin pooping inside; and i had only let him in for moments. So disgusted in myself that i hardly fussed at him.
Was a wonderful morning of Qigong and a halcyon day for a walk this afternoon.

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