Sunday, November 21, 2010

dispatch from Nawlins and coast

so far the food has been very good; the weather superb. Yesterday in 'Nawlins to see Pres' new house all a color in the byewater. His design is wonderful with inner courtyard, solar on roof, roof veggy garden, black bathroom, wonderful staircase (with voodoo designed panels!), voodoo tarot paintings in the big front door. Pres has out done himself collecting objects of interest from auctions, a mooracan mirror of inlaid camel bones, two African chieftan arm chairs inlaid with ivory i think - wonderful carpets - a bit heavy on the Sallie Ann paintings and none of Pres's great collection of art - But the walls are to die for, clay mixture over sheetrock - feel so warm - amazing. fun to see Pres and his house and to finally meet Sallie Ann. Lunch at Satsuma where at an adjacent table was a man i knew i knew, but since I wasn't sure I said nothing. We then went to the neighborhood park where arts' had tents displaying their work. Philip Thompson was there and while I was talking with him the man from the restaurant came up saying, "Blacksburg?" and i turned around to see the same face! ah, yes, Catherine Snyder's recent x, Chris Beattie (?) who now lives in New Orleans. I introduced him to Sharon, Trailer, Philip and Pres. Was a good day. Got to meet Sharon's new grand daughter, Emory - oh, so precious - definitely puts the want of baby flesh into your heart. Got to go to walk thru the pine trees with Trailer and Sharon (we hope to coax Sharon out!).

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