Sunday, November 7, 2010

Persistence will get you there or here!

He's back and he's staying this time; meant to be, i suppose - now if Alaska and Oskar can just not fight, we'll be happier with the situation. And on this coldest morning without daylight savings, how can i not admire the homing instinct of this cat, especially since this wasn't exactly "home",but a place he'd staked out. Now I am hoping that he, Alpha cat, can frighten the skunk away who I surprised slinking under the deck as I went to close the chickens just home from the NAACP Freedom Banquet. Luckily I was not sprayed, nor was the house.
I enjoyed the banquet, especially relevant speaker, Wornie Reed (Prof. of Sociology at VT) who spoke about the disproportionate number of African Americans in prison. I learned that Virginia has a particularly high incarceration rate of blacks - mostly for drug crimes. I knew Virginia prohibited ex-cons from voting, ever, but i had not known that Virginia is one of only 2 states who do this. He talked about how this impacts the family; the increase in single family households. Another reason we need NOW to find some to run for governor of Virginia; I want Tom Perriello . A friend suggested Rick Boucher.

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