Friday, January 7, 2011

blog blocked

I realize it has been a week since I stopped to write, busy anticipating six weeks of winter without grand baby, not wanting to face company lacking! But as reality sets in, I find I am moving from denial into acceptance and further into silliness. The goats have settled in, grazing outside their yard without need of much supervision for an hour. The 9 Blue House hens seem to be enjoying the greater yard; 7 eggs today and Baldwin added more laying spots. But I'm not cheered by the snow flurries and by the forecast of more snow on Tuesday.
Here I sit on the sofa (upstairs is warmer!) with Katrina on my right and with Mr. Lee on my left. Katrina wants to play with my homeopathic program key or her tail; she behaves much better since Mr. Lee has become a member of the family - I haven't been scratched in a month. We'll be the sofa three; the Netflix trio. We'll pooh pooh the snow! I'll learn cat/dog qigong! Glad I've got a NOOK!


  1. I will be thinking of you all nestled in your hollar with your furry and feathered friends. I am looking forward to reading what comes from your blog in the weeks ahead. Have you ever considered writing a memoir? The sights and sounds of New Year's Eve from the 4 post bed in your great grandmother's house is just one sentence of an extraordinary story.

  2. Hi Mary! I miss you - I found you from Katy's blog where I was just saying how I love nooks! I will have to come out during one of my future visits :)

  3. thanks Faith and Lark (oh, do come visit - you need to meet Pearl!).