Thursday, January 20, 2011

unconscious affinity

For the last several days I've been concocting a skillet dish I couldn't named but craved; it has carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms and cabbage - and if i have handy, broccoli and roasted winter squash. I eat a bowl with a hard boiled egg and peanuts. It dawned on me this afternoon that it is a kind of thai stir fry. So I guess I am journeying vicariously to Thailand!
My last post concerning age was prescient: today Maxine Kong Kingston (Talk of the Nation) was talking about being an elder! An older person isn't an elder just by age, but is someone who takes responsibility for the world and shares their understanding with others (she mentioned that someone like Martin Luther King was an elder even though young, because he did accept responsibility for the world). Maxine was delightful (she hates photographs of herself) and inspiring. I would think I am a sort of elder - moving towards that, dragging towards that!
We had a goat stroll to the river this afternoon; though goats prefer chomping about my yard. The dogs and I had to wait for them to tire of the familiar before we could bound off down the creek. Ice lingering on the river; imagine this colder weekend will encourage more ice to form.

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