Sunday, January 23, 2011

a Sunday

Looking up at the Bears - Packers game, wanting to cover the bare arms of some of the players, looking at their breath white in the frigid air,finally Chicago makes a goal. I realize that I'm not much of a football fan when there is no one in the house who watches. I do, however, like to at least know who will be in the Super Bowl; at least to be able to chat with my son, or brother or dad. But today it is a distraction between goading the goats back into their yard and closing the chickens into their coop around 6.
I got into thinking about working on "Heavy Boots" this morning, placing the small black boots on the counter; but neglecting to find sturdier wire for the armature. Am I waiting for a big snow fall? What was yesterday rumored to be a snow occasion for Tuesday, is now more forecast to be flurries and even rain! Heavy Boots will have to wait, but play on my mind.

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