Tuesday, January 11, 2011

blueberry muffins

Because I am reading Jim Minick's THE BLUEBERRY YEARS, I woke up this morning wanting muffins (actually I wanted pie that stains tongue and teeth as Jim so well describes). And they are delicious and something to do with all the eggs accumulating. No school so no qigong, although just an inch of snow out here. Baldwin called last night to say they made it to Charlotte, that the trip was treacherous once at the NC border on I-77. The airports should be open by tomorrow morning - soon they will be dancing on the beach in Thailand - sending me sunshine at least in my heart. Was fun to talk to Ezra last night who is in Vail with my brother, it is seventeen BELOW there - too cold to ski. Need to bundle up again to bring water to goats and a bit of corn; chickens are out and braving the garden. Later a trip to the mailbox and to feed Alaska cat up at the blue house. It is snug in the kitchen with so many warm bodies.
Along with care of animals, Mr. Lee and I are charged with loving the baby dolls - this should be easy, as long as i keep the baa-ing lamb away from Mr. Lee.

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