Monday, January 10, 2011


About an hour and a half ago I began my journey into the space of the hollar laid more prickly bare without this face and her people. They began their trip a day early due to the weather and hopefully are having an uneventful drive to Charlotte where they will visit with Pearl's crib mate, Joey and her family (the former family of Mr. Lee!) Wednesday morning they will fly from Charlotte to Atlanta and from there to Thailand - Buddha-land Pearl says! Fitting I suppose that it is snowing and I have just parked the Prius at the top of my road, walking back kicking gravel into the center, calling for Mojo and Irie to come down to the house to spend the night with me and mr. lee! I won't be lonely for animal commiseration and I have oodles of fresh eggs. And now I am off to close up the chickens for the night and to call again to Mojo and Irie who are still hanging out on their porch in doggy deep denial!!!


  1. P sends her love. She's going to go through Nannee withdrawal. Seriously. We'll do Skype once we figure out a good time (with the time differences).
    Love you big! :)
    *maybe a good time to make Heavy Boots or some other paper mache?!
    **the cuteness factor here in Charlotte is pretty extreme. they all play so well together now.

  2. you are the second after Mary T. to ask about Heavy Boots! yes, I must get back to him for heavy boots I can relate to!! I loved seeing you guys on Skype, lord, but now i'll have to comb my hair or find a mask!!!! Love much, Nanee will be all around you in Buddha land!