Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daddy's in the hospital crazy as a loon or worse..

he should be at his 90th birthday party! Seems he has another bleeding ulcer, again from medication we tried to tell him were not good; but his doctor prescribed and he only listens to white coated folk. For the second time a doctor has tried to manage his arthritis pain with med (Mobic this time) and to cover the tendency to stomach ulcers put him on acid suppressing drug...It has failed again. John finally gets him to the ER yesterday they give him morphine for pain in the ER; by the time they get him to a room, Dadz is in full paranoia delusions that the hospital is a whore house, the nurses are not real nurses. They are out to get him - oddly the same hallucinations that he had in New Orleans and in Ocean Springs before - we thought he was reacting to Versed, but it is narcotics - maybe both. The hospital had to give him Haldol (?sp). John's back at the house today in too much pain to go anywhere. Luckily Amy (nursing student who fixes Dadz meds for him) came to the hospital - she had been trying to get Dad off the Mobic to no avail as Dadz refuses to tell his doctor.
My brother drove over to check on Dadz - spent no more than an hour. Now I'm 800 miles away to figure who will pick Dadz up tomorrow if he is released; and who can sit with him if he needs someone - which he looks like he will at least for a week. You would think that at least John could SIT downstairs for a few days. Maybe I can reach the social worker at the hospital tomorrow, if he is discharged.
Mercifully, Susan came out and we walked! we had lunch and a beautiful little pie she'd brought from the market. What a wonderful trip she had in New Mexico - 4 days in a hogan. The Navajo language has no separate references - you can't say good bye...fascinating! She brought eggs into town for me and remedy for Diane. oh, good day, reached 50!


  1. Oh Mary I'm so sorry about your dad. It's a tough situation that you find yourself in. I won't even ask why John can't do it. But I'm thinking of you.
    xox, Louise

  2. thanks, Louise! Daddy is missing the stripper that someone had gotten for the party - which I wish they would bring to the hospital to really blow his mind - what mind???? John can't f***ing take care of himself...