Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i am officially

OLD! I signed up for social security to begin on my 66th birthday in April; I was so hoping to be on my x's, but his half portion was a good deal less, so I'm on mine. And at least it is enough to cover my Medicare payment plus some. I can honestly say that I never thought I'd live this long. I realize now it is not so old and that the heart has little sense of time. I have adapted my idea of old to more ephemeral constraints such as obstinacy, repeating stories to the same person, forgetting BIG things, and what? Joining too many non profit organizations!
Today I called the office of Representative Morgan Griffith to ask him to vote against the repeal of Health Care; I felt as if it might be a useless gesture. But a real person took down my information and registered my sentiment; I hope more people call. I fear there is a great deal of apathy out there. I know I could feel apathy weighing my hands, not wanting to dial the phone. I wonder just how many of the newly elected Congresspersons are voting to repeal Health Care Reform just as a political move, how many of them realize the obvious benefits of the bill? Too too much posturing I think. Which brings me to this picture of grand-daughter whose inquisitive look at her dolls foot leads me to believe that she might be a doctor one day!


  1. Did you find our dogs? Read that blog post where they went missing a few days ago and haven't really been able to relax since then.

  2. oh, yes, it is part of the post now - we have a new sleeping arrangement: Irie and Lee upstairs; Mo and Katrina downstairs.