Wednesday, January 26, 2011

watching the sky change

After a sudden heavy rain which sent the goats under the deck, sleet came and now rain with large globs of snow. It is lovely in an odd way, an indecisive manner; but all is being painted white. Apparently the snow forecast is happening, altho sooner than anticipated (schools in this county open and now I hazard are scrambling to bus the children home). I'll go out to feed Alaska cat when the sky is all snow; my rain gear is deficient.
Finished Diana Athill's SOMEWHERE TOWARDS THE END, written in her 89th year, a thoughtful memoir. I had a slow start, but the writer grows on one. Her discussion of care giving was particularly recognized; especially as she was referring to her once lover turned friend who lived in her house. He was impossible about caring for himself, a diabetic, who could stop eating sweets only when blood sugar levels brought him down - but once recovered, would binge on cakes again. How difficult it is to live with someone who falls into such carelessness, creating a shallow black hole which effects the house. I know her feelings on this! But I guess anyone of us can fall into such a state of neglect. Health and attitude: ill health is tolerable if attitude is companionable? We are poor care givers to the boring, dull, depressed or disgusted.


  1. I don't know which is worse...taking care of someone else in that state or taking care of oneself when poor, disgusted and depressed. Talk about impossible "self-care."

    I like the red chair in snow.

  2. yes, sort of tests the limits of compassion; then again the appropriate care giver may not be a friend or relative! How is your state of snow?? we ended up with little, more slush which is frozen this morning.