Friday, January 14, 2011


woke up this morning around 6, feeling pretty good, got email from travelers that they had arrived in Bangkok. so sorta whistled out to open the chickens - two eggs already. On the way back to the house i noticed that there was steam coming from the hot water heater vent in the studio, the windows were steamy - and as i got closer the f***ing back door was open. oh, f, f, f...i put the eggs in the house and ran to the studio. It is 11 degrees outside, but it is hot in the studio and water is gushing from under the kitchen sink. I turn off valves, no help. I scream. the water must be an inch deep thru out the studio. I pull out a rug, turn off space heaters.
Back to my house and swallow pride, call John. I figure i can always scream again. He tells me he thinks there is a shut off valve in the bathroom of the studio, that i don't have to dig outside.
there is no shut off in the studio, after i pull out sheet rock. So I dig outside under the container. It takes a few more phone calls and screams, until i find the correct valve - the blue handle one before the flood stops. I turn off the gas to the hot water heater. I pull out the other rugs, then dare to peak under the bed where there is the johnny jump up. I bring out things to dry,luckily not much. A neighbor has a wet shop vac he'll lend me. thankful now that it is studio and not the house. I'm going out to take some pictures. I'm exhausted and it is only noon. i canceled a client and worked with them over the phone. i think it is a good day for a nap.
what i've put off is checking the closets! hope there's no papier mache on the floor! i did have a box of books on the floor which are now soaked. But the sun is out and it is 32 at least. Going to let the goats out, bring them water.


  1. I am so sorry we didn't drain the studio pipes! Looks like I have some work cut out for me this spring!

  2. at least now i know where the shut off valve is! and we can put a shut off in the studio too! Hopefully this is the last of winter's surprises - glad it was not in a house!