Monday, January 17, 2011

could there be jealousy in the house?

Last night our house guests took off around 10 and would not come back; I went to bed assured that because of the warmer night (30's), they had decided to nest in their more comfy beds on the blue house porch. Then again Mojo may have convinced Irie that they could have a late night snack on a deer caucus; or Irie convinced Mo to take a roll in dung. Whatever, it is 7:30 and they are not down altho I have called their names and mentioned diner. I'll walk up with Alaska's treat in a little while and pray they are there. I think they are an itsy bitsy jealous of Mr. Lee who gets to sleep upstairs with me - while they sleep on the rugs down in the kitchen.
Update: Mo and Re were indeed on their porch and came down to Nanee's with little coaxing. we have a new arrangement: Mr. Lee and Irie both upstairs at night (Mr Lee tho still only one on bed - to high for Irie to jump - she sleeps underneath), Mo and Katrina downstairs in kitchen. Seems to be harmonious.

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  1. Well, keep us posted!! This is a real blog post cliffhanger! I am sure they went back home for a bit to check on things. And they are together, which is a good thing. Hope you are feeling better after the flu and the spew! From the water tank, that is :)