Monday, January 31, 2011

Dadz hanging in

Dad and I standing sometime before Katrina at huge, if not largest oak in Ocean Springs. Dad could hang on a couple of more days, may, indeed, make it to his 90th on Thursday.Hard to sleep last night; hard to not think of him, which is fine. I'll imagine him sailing out of the hospital (hospital is really very nice!) whore house (his delusion); he was quite a fine sailor and taught my sister and me to sail, first in a dingy, then in our 36 foot ketch The Cap'n Flint. We once painted a huge jolly roger on the spinnaker. We sailed to the coast often in the summers, spending nights at Horn Island, waking to porpoises leaping around us - crossing the island to swim in the clear waters of the windward side, collecting drift wood. We learned to soak wash clothes in the ice water (from the block of ice in the ice box!) to put on our foreheads and ankles so that we could sleep in the heat!


  1. More for the memoir, stories so rich
    Wealth beyond belief when
    "memories are all we really own."
    Your Pa is alive and well in those thoughts
    Keep him there in your heart
    And know that soon you will be able to connect with him all that you want.
    Blessings to you, Mary. And for a peaceful journey for your Father.