Sunday, January 30, 2011

it takes a village...

I totally realized this when raising my two sons out here in a relatively isolated hollar; but i'd wager now that at all ages IT TAKES A VILLAGE (especially when elderly)! Goes along with, "one mother can raise a dozen kids, but a dozen kids can hardly care for one mother." I think I've rustled up some villagers to help with my cantankerous Dad, who refuses to plan for such eventualities. Maybe some of the "lounge folk" will also visit him. Getting over my own disappointment in John who was convinced that he could take care of Dad - we all have been living in delusional world. It seems that we all need pricks or kicks into reality. Look at the streets of Egypt! Revolution smolders under the concrete. I wonder if I am suggesting that revolution is reality breaking thru the delusion that all is hunky dory? I think we do need a sense of connection in order to regain our power to heal; to heal our bodies or our communities, or our nation. We need advocates and are often poor advocates for ourselves. This is where we need needles or the acupuncturist! I suspect it gets more difficult as we age as reality can only be rude at beast (at best!), painful often and killing whenever. Last winter when I was here alone in the hollar with 3 goats and too many chickens to count, two dogs, four cats - I had to face the fact that it was not a good idea to sled down the fine run down my son's road alone in the night - that if something broke who would find me and when???? No cell phone works out here! I suspect I may need to begin to cultivate more of a village to this hollar!
Looking forward to the "reality" of another 50 degree sunny day!!!

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