Saturday, January 1, 2011

drumming in the NEW YEAR

what else to do on New Year's Day? oh, yes, we had black eyed peas and greens - but gotta have some music! Rainy outside, but P and Mr. Lee and I snuggled in my bed - then played ball. Later we bundled up to carry the bird feeder to the shop for refilling.
Slippy sloppy walk with Baba and Mojo and Mr. Lee to the river - still much ice on the north bank. And oh, Baba is right, it is amazing to realize we are into the second decade of 2000. 1984 had so impressed me in high school, that i never thought to live past that date!
Waiting for my chickens to roost so that i can dress to go into town for Burton's annual New Year's Day feast.
OH, WHAT A FACE . A GLORIOUS FACE! sure hope skype works when she's in Thailand!

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  1. My daughter and I say..."GORGEOUS!" She really is!! Happy New Year Mary!!